Micropigmentation Solutions in Geneva, Switzerland

Experience expert micropigmentation services at Onescalp, providing long-lasting and flawless results.Our assistance is available to those seeking micropigmentation in Switzerland.


Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is an innovative solution used to create the appearance of dense hair.

People dealing with hair loss, man or woman, may find it to be a difficult journey. Here at OneScalp, we know how losing your hair can make you feel about yourself. Thus, we have introduced you to micropigmentation, the number one solution that can restore your natural look and confidence.

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Choose Micropigmentation for Flawless Results

Establish a journey of self-discovery and restoration with OneScalp’s micropigmentation expertise. Our professional technicians give natural-looking hairlines and revitalize belief. Say no to insecurities, and hello to a restored sense of self. At OneScalp, we’re not just pioneers in micropigmentation; we’re committed to improving your natural beauty. Experience the transformative energy of micropigmentation with us today. Come to enjoy the precision Made in Switzerland.


Why Choose OneScalp for Micropigmentation?

As pioneers in micropigmentation in Switzerland, we at OneScalp take great pride in our work. Our skilled professionals will provide solutions specifically suited to your needs. We offer services to improve the density of your current hair, treat female alopecia, and restore your hairline.

How does it work


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An initial meeting to discuss expectations and define the desired hair style


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Using fine needles to inject pigments into the upper layer of the scalp, recreating the appearance of hair follicles.


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2 to 3 sessions are required to achieve optimal results, with intervals of 1 to 2 weeks between each session


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A maintenance session may be recommended after 2 to 3 years to ensure the longevity of results over time.

Our Broad Range of Services

Male Pattern

Many men are concerned about becoming hairless, but you don't need to let it specify who you are. Take a look at male scalp micropigmentation. Without baldness surgery, you can give the appearance of a closely shaven head or add density to thinning areas with our men's scalp micropigmentation.

for Women

We nourish specialized micropigmentation therapies designed to address female pattern baldness, alopecia in young women, and thinning hair because we recognize that hair loss affects women differently. Our methods are intended to restore self-assurance and enhance your beauty.


Receding hairlines causes many people to be insecure. After experiencing one of our restoration procedures, your hairline should look natural, highlight your best facial features, and revitalize your youthful appearance.


No two individuals are alike, and neither are their concerns about hair loss. We provide specialized services for hair micropigmentation based on your requirements and preferences. Whether you're looking for a minor adjustment or a major makeover, our team will collaborate closely to deliver the intended outcomes.

Experience the OneScalp Difference

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is an innovative solution used to create the appearance of dense hair.

By choosing OneScalp, you are sponsoring your self-worth and spirit as much as a cosmetic process. Being an expert in the field of micropigmentation in Geneva, we are distinguished by our dedication to quality, perfect attention to detail, and tailored approach. 

With OneScalp, say bye to hair loss and welcome a restored sense of self-assurance. Make an appointment for a hair implantation or micropigmentation consultation with us right now to regain your confidence and natural appearance.

Why choose micropigmentation?

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Our results


OneScalp: Your Go-To Source for Micropigmentation Services

We help to regrow your hair and enhance your natural look. Our services cater to those seeking micropigmentation in Switzerland or in any other country. Come to try our one day treatment. Near to the gare station and to the airport, that will make the travel easier for you.

The price of the complete treatment depends on the progress of your hair loss. It varies between 600 CHF and 2700 CHF


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